about us

Hey There!

We're The Midwest Duo

We're Sam & Zach and we're the two that make up The Midwest Duo! We are so excited you are here!! We hope you stick around for a while to learn a little about us, and dont forget to vist that "Contact Us" page so we can meet you too! 

Samantha Wilson

Photographer + Social Media Queen

Hi I'm Sam! I'm the "boss" around here! (shh don't tell Zach!) I started doing photography about 10 years ago and have never loved anything more (except maybe some chips and guac..... or maybe a margarita) ANYWAYS! Photography is what I am meant to do and I cant wait to share my gift with all of you! 

Zachary Wilson

Photographer + Business Mogul 

What's up, I'm Zach! I'm the creative eye that loves to get a different perspective. Don't be surprised if you see me climbing on top of things or laying on the ground to get the best shot. I haven't been doing photography all that long, and lets be honest probably wouldn't have even started if it wasn't for Sam begging me to tag along to shoots. Now, instead of being in the way I get to pitch in and show what I can do!